3008 feline $150 christmas gift ideas

3008 feline $150 christmas gift ideas

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3008 feline $150 christmas gift ideas -

This cute, space-age looking Amazing Cat Roller toy has three levels for kitty to chase balls. It comes in 5 colors, but the red one is a must-have for the holidays. Funny Christmas gifts for cats Do you think the best Christmas gifts for cats are funny ones? Is there anything funnier than cats in costumes? Cat Christmas presents Are you still not sure what to put under the tree for your favorite feline? With over 20 pieces of cat-tastic toys including crinkle balls and furry mice, it would make a nice gift for your local animal shelter or rescue.

Pettsie Cat Collar Bow Tie Both stylish and chic, your cat will be the belle of the ball sporting this spiffy Pettsie cat collar.

3008 feline $150 christmas gift ideas

Then look no further than this charming Ticat bed that features a crown emblem fitting of your feline royalty. The perfect alternative for multi-cat households, each cheerful little Bingpet Nylon collar comes complete with its own jingle bell! Proper hydration is essential for all pets, especially during summer. I think your cat will get a kick out of it, too. The round plastic base has a tunnel with a ball for kitty to chase, and the middle section contains 3008 feline $150 christmas gift ideas scratch pad for sharpening his paws.

A SmartyKat Electronic catnip stuffed bird plush toy that makes chirping sounds—this exceptional kitty toy checks all the boxes! Not only does the flowing stream of water keep it fresh, the constant circulation also inhibits bacteria growth and aerates the water with oxygen.

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3008 feline $150 christmas gift ideas

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